About the La Mesa Library

The La Mesa Library is part of the San Diego County Library System. The City of La Mesa owns the land and the building that the library occupies, while the County of San Diego maintains the library. This cooperative relationship between the city and the county has served the community well over the years by drawing on resources from both public agencies.

The County of San Diego budgets for a basic level of staffing and service to all the libraries in the system. In addition, the County Supervisors' Library Materials Matching Fund will match, dollar for dollar, any locally generated financial contributions for additional materials or supplies.

The La Mesa Library is one of the most active branches of the La Mesa County Library System. The funds raised by the Friends of the La Mesa Library go a long way toward providing the materials that patrons of the La Mesa Library have long enjoyed.

By the Numbers

  • 5th busiest library in the County for circulation, with over 737,000 books, movies, and CDs checked out each year - that’s a 60% increase since the library opened 10 years ago.
  • 6th busiest library in the County for door count, with over 272,000 visitors each year - 740/day
  • 980+ free programs with over 20,000 attendees - a 112% increase over 10 years.
  • 64,425 computer sessions - average of 176/day.
  • 17th biggest library in the County by square footage.

Branch Highlights

  • Shared catalog of 42 million items - including ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Technology offerings include a 3D printer, wireless internet, laptops, 18 public computers, and a color printer with scanning capabilities. Youth Services
  • 24 storytimes per month promote literacy skills for 800 young customers and their families.
  • Sensory Playtime with STEAM, an autism-friendly monthly event where kids can experiment with science and technology toys in a low-key environment.
  • Weekly programs for teens, plus the Service Learner program that teaches teens work skills.